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Prepare To Create a Great Website For Your Accounting Practrice

Make an Impact Online – Creating a Great Website For Your Accounting Firm When I discuss the topic of websites with many accounting firms I commonly hear a variation on the following statement; “Our website simply isn’t working. It is just not delivering results.” This is often a very sensitive issue with accountants as many of them have buried tens of thousands of Euros....
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Using Your Marketing Message

Using Your Marketing Message To Promote Your Accounting Practice Creating a great marketing message takes time and a good deal of creativity. Once you have picked the message you are most comfortable with it is time to test it out. Testing Your Marketing Message Try out your message with colleagues, family and friends. Once you have used it a few times you need to answer the following...
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Creating a Marketing Message

In a previous post we briefly discussed creating a marketing message for your accounting firm, now we will get into more detail about how to create your own marketing message. Firstly Here’s what not to Do! Dont wear a label Imagine a hypothetical situation. You were at an event where you were introduced to Bob. You knew that Bob runs a company which might use your service and Bob asks you,...
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Sell Your Accounting Services in 8 Seconds

Can You Sell Your Accounting Services in Less Than 8 Seconds? My guess is that you cant. But you can loose the attention of potential clients in well under 8 seconds. The thing is that we are all bombarded with telephone calls, voice-mails, advertisements, cold calls, email, spam, tweets, Facebook updates, text messages and a million other distractions during our day. In our modern...
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Marketing For Accountants

As a Senior Manager or Partner in your accounting firm you are truly on top of your game. The work you put in and the sacrifices that you have made from the earliest days of your training through to now have helped shape you to become the specialised and dedicated professional that you are today. You have the confidence in your ability to solve any problem, add creative insight and bring value to...
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