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Marketing For Accountants

As a Senior Manager or Partner in your accounting firm you are truly on top of your game. The work you put in and the sacrifices that you have made from the earliest days of your training through to now have helped shape you to become the specialised and dedicated professional that you are today.

You have the confidence in your ability to solve any problem, add creative insight and bring value to your clients in a way that is unique to you and only possible because of the significant experience you bring to the table.

The clients you deal with everyday know this, which is why they seek you out day after day, year after year. You are instrumental in retaining your existing clients because they value your ability and they have the comfort of knowing that you will go that extra mile to ensure their success.

Both you and your clients know this to be true, the only issue is why can’t the rest of the world see this?
You might think that if only people knew how good you and your accountancy firm really were there would be a queue out your door and down the street with people eager to avail of your services and sign up as long term clients.

I certainly dont want to wast your time, so have a look outside your door, if there is a queue chances are I have nothing to teach you, however, if there is not, you should bookmark this site and come back often. Through a series of blog posts we will work through a number of global trends, facts and actionable ideas that will greatly help you and your accounting firm cut through the noise and connect with potential clients around the corner and around the world.

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about marketing yourself and your accountancy firm in this digital age and I hope that you find the ideas we discuss challenging, rewarding and above all actionable.

As always if I can assist you in any way please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Finbarr McCarthy